jewelsmiths watch repair

06 Mar Oklahoma City Watch Repairs

Time Flies (and Breaks) When You’re Having Fun You’ve probably heard the phrase, “time flies when you’re having fun.” The truth is that time can literally fly, and break, with the result being a damaged wristwatch. If you’re the owner of a broken timepiece, you’ll have...

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Custom jewelry sketch

23 Jun Why Choose Custom Jewelry?

Sometimes when people ask me what the big deal is about custom jewelry, I start talking about my car. You see, I’m a car guy. When there’s a well-made high-performance vehicle around, I pay attention. The Dodge SRT Hellcat captured my heart big time – so...

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Sunset proposal

09 Jun Stunning Summer Engagement Rings

When you think about summer in Oklahoma, you’ve got to take a moment to consider the way the sunlight lays across the land. The summer sun brightens everything it touches – just like your sweetheart’s smile lights up their face. If you’re planning to propose...

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