january birthstone garnet

18 Jan Garnet the Beauty of January’s Birthstone

For centuries, garnet has enticed jewelry wearers across the world. The oldest known piece of garnet today was found in an Egyptian tomb that dates back more than 5,000 years ago. That just goes to show how endlessly classic and on-trend the garnet stone will...

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13 Sep

The Best of Fall Bridal Tis the season for sweater weather Oklahoma City! With fall just around the corner, we get to welcome the new color of leaves and the best of fall bridal trends for 2016. Fabulous is the word that comes to mind when thinking...

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Lab Grown Diamonds

07 Sep Lab Grown Diamonds

3 Reasons to Consider Lab Grown Diamonds for Your Engagement Ring. Creating custom bridal jewelry is one of my favorite things to do. The process of meeting with a couple, hearing about what makes them unique, and taking elements of their one of a kind love...

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05 Aug Truth About Diamond Pricing

Many jewelry stores make all kinds of claims such as selling diamonds wholesale to the public, which is simply not true. The fact is that companies must make profit to survive and be in business. The term Retail and Wholesale in regards to diamond pricing...

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05 Aug Set a Budget Before You Shop

Deciding how much to budget on your engagement ring can be a confusing issue. There are “rules” floating around that set the standard at 2-3 months of the prospective groom’s salary.  The interesting thing about this standard is that it came from the diamond industry...

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05 Aug To Engrave or Not to Engrave

There are two kinds of engraving. Machine engraving is a tracing technique and is done by less skilled artisans using an engraving machine. Hand engraving is an art that takes years of learning, practice and artistic talent. Good hand engravers are hard to find but...

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20 Feb Jewelry for Everyday Style

There is nothing that brings a smile to our face like a pretty ring, a sparkly necklace, or dangly earrings. Big or small, real or fake, jewelry lifts the spirits as well as your look. Colorful gems or even simple gold or silver pieces could...

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