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For The Love of a Horse

Equestrian Jewelry by Kabana

Oklahoma City is in the heart of horse country. Whether you’ve got a barn full of beautiful best friends or having your own horse is a someday-dream, you’ll love this gorgeous equestrian jewelry by Kabana.

Rendered in sterling silver and 14K yellow gold, Kabana captures the diverse beauty of the horse. There are bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings featuring every breed of horse, doing everything horses do – including Western favorites like reining, barrel racing, and running with mane and tail flying.

Kabana Horse Jewelry makes a great gift for the horse lover in your life, as well as barn mates, riding instructors, coaches, vets, farriers, and everyone else who makes your life with horses better. Jewelry is about self-expression: show the world your passion for horses by choosing Kabana Equestrian Jewelry.

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