An Insider’s Guide to Planning a Holiday Proposal: 3 Questions To Ask

Holiday Proposal

25 Sep An Insider’s Guide to Planning a Holiday Proposal: 3 Questions To Ask

We’ve just started working on two beautiful custom engagement rings. In both cases, a holiday proposal is being planned. One is a surprise, while the other couple is planning a party with their closest family and friends. With that in mind, we thought we’d share three proposal planning questions you’ll want to consider if you’re popping the question this holiday season:

Holiday Proposal Question #1: Public or Private?

Every couple is different. You want your proposal to be appropriate the two of you, first and foremost, because this is your special life-changing moment. Consider whether you want your proposal to be an intimate experience, private and personal, or if you’d like to share your joy with a crowd. Make sure you’re centering your partners’ feelings in this decision. If you’re planning a public proposal, are you going to make sure certain people will be there to witness, or does having a random audience add to the romance for you?

Holiday Proposal Question #2: When Are You Going To Ask?

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve are among the most popular dates to propose. With that in mind, you’ll want to be sure your special someone is actually going to be available to propose to on the date in question. While most people have these dates off, if your sweetie is in law enforcement, health care, retail, or a number of other demanding professions, you’ll want to check and double check their schedule before planning your proposal.

Holiday Proposal Question #3: Where Are You Going To Ask?

Your sweetheart is going to remember your proposal for the rest of their lives. You want this special moment to have an appropriate setting. What appropriate means is different for every couple. Perhaps it’s the gorgeous Crystal Bridge. Perhaps it’s your favorite spot in Brick town or the Plaza District. Perhaps it’s your house, or church, or a spot that’s only going to be meaningful to the two of you. Whatever you choose, you want to be sure that this setting is going to be available during your proposal. If reservations are required, book sooner rather than later – prime holiday proposal locations fill up faster than you think.